Zeke Elliott’s continuing saga: justice or injustice?

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to be trying to oversee the NFL instead of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones is threatening to sue the NFL because he doesn’t want Goodell’s contract to be renewed. It’s time for the league to start searching for Goodell’s replacement. He didn’t do a respectable job with Ezekiel Elliott’s case. It’s been going back and forth, back and forth. One day he’s suspended by the NFL, a few days later the courts grant him eligibility.

This time the six-game suspension will stick even though Elliott wasn’t charged with domestic violence. And after three brawls in Week 9 including the incident in Jacksonville between the Bengals A.J. Green and the Jaguars Jalen Ramsey which led to no suspensions, Goodell reputation is really sinking.

Harris Sadiq, managing editor of the Richland Chronicle, is disgusted by the way Goodell is handling things. “If the commissioner would’ve done a good job, none of this would’ve happened,” says Sadiq. Drew Castillo, who also writes for the Chronicle, says there’s no leadership in the NFL. “He doesn’t want another Ray Rice incident but where’s the evidence?,” says Castillo. Both Sadiq and Castillo agreed that Goodell is corrupt and should be replaced

Once again, this world is poisoning our children’s dreams with violence. Of all sports, football is to blame. Why? Because an angry parent got upset when his son who plays for the Carrollton Longhorns got crushed by a player of the Farmers Branch Tigers. THAT’S FOOTBALL!! THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!! So, then the man rushed on to the field towards the Tigers sideline trying to find the parent of that player who hit his son.

The man with his shirt off started pushing and hitting young kids, spitting out profanity in front of everybody. Parents came to the rescue and although the police were called, it was too late. The brawl had already begun. To make matters worse, the referees did not step in to calm down the man let alone protect the children on the field.

Now the two teams from Carrollton’s football league are done for the season. Parents of both teams were outraged. This angry man didn’t appreciate what the young man did on the field. Well, the parents didn’t appreciate what the angry man did on the sidelines. Because of him, these teams won’t get a chance at the playoffs.

I’m sure the young man didn’t mean any harm. He was just doing his job. How would he feel if his son smashed one of the Tiger players? That parent would have been livid too but would have the common sense to not jump on the field like an idiot. The angry man obviously didn’t show any remorse and now he has become the enemy on the gridiron. If he didn’t want his child to deal with the fast, aggressive style of football then try the easy way out … flag football.

Sportsmanship has sunk to a new low. NFL players can’t get justice. Pee wee football players can’t get justice either. The question now is, “Who’s really above the law?”