Students reflect on 'Stranger Things'

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"I think the students who didn't grow up in the 80s find it original, but I know exactly where the writers got their inspiration from,” said Mauricio Solis, a student at Richland who has watched both “Stranger Things” and “Stranger Things 2.”

“If you know where the artist got their inspiration from that means it is unoriginal."

“Stranger Things” is a science fiction-horror show based in Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The first season follows a group of kids trying to find their missing friend using the help of a girl with psychokinetic abilities.

Along with the appearance of the girl, other supernatural events occur that the people of the town, including the missing boy’s mother, played by Winona Ryder, have to face.

The second season focuses on the lives of the people affected by the supernatural occurrences and their attempt to return to normalcy.

“Stranger Things” was released July 15, 2016, on Netflix to astounding reviews. It received 94 percent from Rotten Tomatoes. Season Two, titled “Stranger Things 2”, released Oct. 27, 2017, did not disappoint either, receiving 94 percent from Rotten Tomatoes again.

But do students feel “Stranger Things” or “Stranger Things 2” deserves such praise?

Ricky Gonzalez, who is on the second episode of “Stranger Things 2,” said he enjoyed the kids’ story line, but more for their character.

“I like how they get the personalities spot on,” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez has three younger sisters and said, “It’s pretty accurate the way they [the kids] think. I kind of enjoy that. They kind of remind me of my sisters.”

And then the big question: What do students think of Steve?

Steve started out in “Stranger Things” as the popular kid who was somewhat full of himself, but had a genuine interest in Nancy, an unpopular nerdy student.

“I like the character he has become. He grew as a character,” said Celeste Molano, who has finished “Stranger Things” and “Stranger Things 2” and has also watched “Beyond Stranger Things,” a behind-the-scenes look at production. 

“The producers thought the same [about Steve],” Molano said.

Those who watched Season Two, there is the question about Bob the Brain: was his ending expected?

Bob was a surprise relationship for Joyce Byers, the missing boy’s mother to bring some happiness into her life. But only Molano mentioned his exit. She said, at Bob’s final scene, she knew what was coming.“As soon as he stopped, I thought, that’s it. He [Bob] is going to die,” Molano said.

And another sad farewell: Barb.

Barb, Nancy’s best friend in “Stranger Things" didn’t like Nancy’s change when she started dating Steve. But Barb had little say as she made her exit early in “Stranger Things,” much to the disappointment of the show’s audience. “She [Barb] is not coming back. I thought she was coming back,” Molano said.

Those who overheard their friends’ mixed reviews of “Stranger Things” and “Stranger Things 2” had mixed responses.

Aden Nega, who also hasn’t seen the show, heard her friend Molano’s review and said, “What’s so strange about it? I just want to know.”