Basketball season is here; T-Ducks win first game


Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is back in the game. His six-game suspension was lifted at press time and he is expected to play the Sunday Nov. 5 game against the Chiefs. As heard on KRLD radio, fans in the Metroplex are tired of hearing and watching Zeke’s version of Press Your Luck. Elliott already has three whammies. One more and the Cowboys may need a lifeline of their own.


College basketball is underway and the Richland men’s team is looking to avenge last season’s upset by North Lake. Their road for a national championship began in North Dallas against Paul Quinn. Richland head coach Jon Havens is excited about having the season opener here at home.

Jared Jenkins (left) drives the ball against Paul Quinn College.The T-Ducks won 81-47.

Jared Jenkins (left) drives the ball against Paul Quinn College.The T-Ducks won 81-47.

Haven said, “Our league is one of the toughest in the nation. You can be in last place one year and win the whole thing the next year. We got to be ready to play every single night and can’t take anybody lightly.” Richland played its first home game against Paul Quinn College from South Dallas on Nov. 2 winning 81-47.


We are proud that the great state of Texas finally has a World Series championship: The Houston Astros, a major league baseball team that spent its first 50 years in the National League then made the switch to the American League in 2013. Four years later, the Astros made history defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the seventh game by the score of 5-1. They won their first world championship and the city’s seventh major sports world title. Houstonians no longer have to worry about 2005 when the Astros got swept by the Chicago White Sox.

It was a fight to the finish as both teams put on a major slugging performance. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa were the dynamic duo on the infield. Justin Verlander who came to Houston from Detroit, added more firepower to its pitching rotation. Verlander’s playoff performance earned him the ALCS most valuable player. George Springer, one of the A.L.’s most powerful sluggers, won the Willie Mays World Series MVP and the baddest Chevy truck in the country. Springer clobbered five homers throughout the World Series tying Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley.

Those guys along with the rest of the club gave Houstonians a gift they’ll never forget. This is by far one of the greatest World Series ever. For a region that’s still recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, the Astros have brought tremendous healing to the people of Houston and the Gulf Coast.

It’s been 22 years since H-Town reached the pinnacle. The Astros and the city of Houston can now rejoice as champions of baseball. This inspirational story is what we all expected...a very happy storybook ending.