Toastmasters – the art of speaking well

Many students in school who become successful also look for fun, exciting ways to spend time outside of class. The Richland College Community Toastmasters Club is recruiting those individuals.

The club is designed for people looking to enjoy time away from the books and focus on the pathway to success by learning to be  better speakers. The club’s objective is to help individuals with public speaking, providing leadership skills and teaching them how to take a leadership role in community affairs.

Fear of public speaking often stopspeople from pursuing their dream job. It takes confidence away from students wanting to become the next generation of leaders. The club helps students overcome this fear by providing guidance and assistance in becoming effective public speakers.

Felicha Stanley is president of the Richland College Community Toastmasters Club.

Felicha Stanley is president of the Richland College Community Toastmasters Club.

“This particular Toastmasters club has been established on campus for five months with 10 members,” said Felicha Stanley, Toastmasters president. The club meets once a week on Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m.  Each club member will also be allowed to become a member of  another Toastmasters club, so if Richland is too far from home, students may join here and attend a location closer to home.

“When individuals decide to join the Toastmasters club, each person has a personal goal they are looking to achieve. We are here to guide each person to the goal they have set. We provide the tools, skills and mentorship to obtain these goals. Also, once they have reached a certain level, they will be allowed to compete in different speaking engagements provided by different Toastmaster’s clubs. It’s such a fun and exciting experience to see how students grow throughout this process,” Stanley said.

The club does not require a minimum GPA. To join Toastmasters, all you  need to do is fill out an application, pay the dues and attend the meetings.

“Since our meetings are on Thursdays at 1 p.m. we are in discussion about changing the time to fit the needs of our members and for new members who are interested but can’t make the time available. Currently, we have not set the new date and time but we are working on it,” said Stanley.

Any student is allowed to join the club. Participants are allowed up to three meetings before being required to join. There are clubs established all around the world and they allow individuals to start new chapters.