T-Ducks get revenge, NCAA rocked by scandal

Rematch on the pitch        

It was the NJCAA Division III national champions against the Division 1 national champions in men’s soccer. Richland squares off against Tyler in what appears to be a rough-and-tough battle in East Texas. The Apaches defeated the Thunderducks last season, 4-3 before the two teams each won a national title a month and a half later. This year it was the T-Ducks savoring the rematch, 2-1 the final score. Richland remains on top in Division III and Tyler moves up from fourth to third in Division I.

No playoffs for the Rangers

The Houston Astros recently became the biggest story in Major League Baseball. Following Hurricane Harvey and adding more powerful weapons, the Astros won the American League West division. They wanted to make sure the American League’s best team last season, the Texas Rangers, didn’t make it to the wild card spot and so they did. The Rangers were eliminated from the playoff race. Who knows? Maybe the Astros can get another shot at the World Series.

As for the Rangers, they need to spend the entire offseason beefing up their staff. We have seen this far too much over the years. Now that Globe Life Field is under construction, the future is looking bright for the Rangers. Unfortunately though, two more years under the bright Texas sun and possibly one of the league’s worst pitching rotations is something we’ll have to deal with.

Coaches fouled out

Money flowing around college basketball is just as bad as money and college football. Now assistant coaches from four NCAA schools (Auburn, Oklahoma State, Arizona and Southern California) and Louisville head coach Rick Pitino are in hot water. Student athletes were caught taking cash bribes from coaches and employees at Adidas.

A few people from the sportswear company wanted high school athletes to attend and play ball at the schools that were sponsored by Adidas. These young adults and coaches received money under the table. It’s been going on a couple of years.

Doesn’t this remind you of SMU and other schools in the early to mid-80’s? These young athletes are worried that a major injury could cost them a first round draft pick and millions of dollars. The purpose of college is “education.”

Players’ careers can easily be truncated but a college degree lasts forever. These debates on whether or not students should get paid for playing sports has been going on for decades, but doing it behind everybody’s back is beyond revolting.

These schools won’t get the death penalty like SMU did but they will feel the wrath of the NCAA and the FBI.