It all starts with a 'Friend Request'

“Friend Request,” a German supernatural horror film directed by Simon Verhoeven, took filmgoers by surprise. During the majority of the movie, the audience was on the edge of their seat. There was suspense throughout.

Alycia Debnam-Carey, an Australian born actress who also appeared in “Fear of the Walking Dead,” took on the main character, Laura Woodson. William Moseley, a British actor most notably known for starring in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, played Tyler McCormick.

“Friend Request” was shot in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Some scenes contain graphic and disturbing images not suitable for those under 17.

"Friend Request" is Simon Verhoeven's social media thriller.

"Friend Request" is Simon Verhoeven's social media thriller.

What really stands out in this movie is how the director uses Facebook, to make a story out of what can go wrong when you delete someone from your list of friends. Not a lot of horror films create a storyline using social media as the central focus.

What I thought was quite funny is that normally unsuitable videos are blocked or removed from social media platforms. Yet some of the scenes in the movie contain graphic images on Laura’s Facebook page and they weren’t considered vile or disturbing.

“Friend Request” did not disappoint. The audience I shared it with seemed to feel the same way. They were frightened but also laughed.

“Friend Request” did not live up to its expectations, but it is a movie that is worth a good Halloween scare.