Women’s March - a sign of these distressing times

All across the nation Jan. 21, there were marches in the name of women. This display after President Donald Trump’s inauguration was originally planned for Washington, D.C., but instead spread like wildfire to major cities including New York, Boston and Dallas. 

In the midst of a rough political season, questions about women’s rights and treatmentcentering around a controversial new president formed into well-organized rallies that allowed issues of equality, education and health care to join the platform. In Austin, the Texas capital, tens of thousands of people marched in what was possibly the largest demonstration in the states’ history.  

Among the thousands in attendance was Shamika Kurian, a college sophomore at UT-Austin. Kurian enjoys playing music from the 1960s at the student radio station and believes in taking part in the political destiny of her country. Kurian attended the marchwith friends starting at the state Capitol acrossfrom the campus. Walking down a major street with banners ranging from satirical portrayals of the new president to serious ones about fearmongering in politics she said, “You could see a lot of local businesses showing support.” The march was filled with rallies, chants, music and prominent supporters like former Texas Senator Wendy Davis. “It was overall very positive,” Kurian said. “No one was belligerent. I felt very safe there.” 

In a polarized time, President Trump has much work to do in bringing the American people together if he hopes to actually achieve goals on immigration, jobs, infrastructure and trade.  

The new president is very capable of getting work done considering he has majorities in both houses ofCongress. His predecessor, however, also had party majorities and a much higher approval rating at his inauguration but still lost them in the midterm elections. There’s no doubt voters in the United States are quick to change their minds if they feel they’re not seeing results. If these marches mean anything it’s that thousands of people are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and will be closely watching the policies of the new president.