Season thrills end in Cowboys heartbreak

As we look back on the Cowboys’ electrifying season, we must admit it was a season for the ages even without getting the silver trophy we all hoped to add to the Cowboys’ illustrious collection.

It began with worrisome feelings in the preseason when veteran quarterback Tony Romo suffered a back injury. Cowboys fans thought it was just going to be another season with more losses than wins. 

The term, “If God closes one door, he opens another” actuallyseemed to true when then-backup quarterback Dak Prescott entered the picture. Prescott took over from there and the rest is history. Yet Prescott was not the lone energizing star. He was joined by rookie first-round and draft pick Ezekiel Elliott. The amazing thing about it is that both players were rookies and both made their first career starts together;  something the league doesn't see every season. 

The way Prescott and Elliott played seemed like they had been teammates for multiple seasons. Yet; the Cowboys lost their season opener at home and their second meeting with the New York Giants by close margins. They also lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the season finale bringing their regular season record to 13-3, a win shy of the best regular season record in franchise history. 

After the season opener loss to the Giants, Prescott and Elliottled the team to 11 consecutive wins in what turned out to be a headliner of the regular season due to the NFL’s declining TV ratings. The duo’s jersey sales skyrocketed during the long winning streak. 

From a 4-12 record in 2015 to Elliott jumping into the Salvation Army’s red kettle, it showed that the city’s football fans could leap back into happy times once again withthe Cowboys making a run for a Super Bowl season that hadn’t been seen in nearly 21 years. 

The Cowboys were one of the earliest teams to punch itsticket into the playoffs this season with hopes of playing in the Super Bowl. Because of their final season record, the Cowboys were awarded a first-round bye and home-field advantage. They hadtwo weeks’ rest until the divisional round. The rest gave ailing players more time to recuperate and get back onto the field. 

After the first week of the playoffs ended, it was determined that the Cowboys were going to play at home against the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys previously defeated the Packers in the regular season, but in the 2014 playoff season Dallas lost a controversial game against the same team that derailed hopes of moving forward. 

The Cowboys were back in the mix tocompete for a title and prove to the critics that they were the true contenders in this league, even with two rookies. But that was not to be. 

The Cowboys’ most thrilling season screeched to an abrupt end with a 34-31 loss to the Packers, the same team that haunted them two years ago. And, just like that, what seemed to be an action-packed Hollywood-ending season, was cut short; the Cowboys were once again sent home ahead of schedule. 

 So, we patiently wait for the upcoming season, excited and hoping for the same thrills we saw this year but with a difference outcome. 

Passionate fans can collectively say that after this season, the future is definitely bright as the Cowboy stars. 

The best is yet to come.