The worst of 2016

Last week, I looked at the cream of the crop of 2016 film offerings. This week, I am going to glance at some of my duds that lurked in the abyss.  What is surprising is that I did not give a single F last year. 

Listed below are the films that landed at the bottom end of my report card and let me down in one capacity or another.  

For starters, Ben Stiller disappointed with his return as the empty-headed male model Derek Zoolander in “Zoolander 2.” Seth Rogen was an item in the grocery store in “Sausage Party;” while a tiny team of soccer players kicked around the soccer ball in “Underdogs.” Rob Schneider was the voice of an animated polar bear in “Norm of the North.” Elle Fanning was a naturally beautiful girl in Nicolas Winding Refn’s disappointing “The Neon Demon.” Woody Allen struck out with his take on old-style Hollywood with the dull “Café Society.”    

Big and prominent stars including Warren Beatty and Robert De Niro also struck out with letdowns titled “Rules of Engagement” and “Dirty Grandpa,” respectively.