Richland Club Fair

Richland will hold its annual club fair on Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the El Paso Lounge. The fair introduces students to clubs and organizations that are available on campus.

More than 20 students clubs will host booths at the event. Students can stop by to find out about organizations that pique their interest.

Kristi Nealy, Office of Student Life coordinator, said that by attending the event, students have the chance to meet with the clubs that will be active in the fall. 

“Meeting other students, getting to know some of the faculty and staff, helps to develop them [the students] as leaders,” Nealy said. “They get leadership skills and just a way to really enhance their experience here in Richland College outside of the classroom.”

Joining a club can be beneficial in many ways. Students learn valuable skills and can expand their social and professional networks. 

For students who are interested in starting their own club, the fair can be a very good resource. They can find out what clubs are available and search for interesting members.

The atmosphere of the club fair will be like that of a festival. There will be music and some clubs will give out candy and snacks students who visit their booth.

“It’s a free and easy way for students just to kind of get out and have a good time,” said Nealy. “And also see some ways they can serve their fellow students.”