A nation divided: Reality rules

President Barack Obama gave an impressive 54-minute farewell speech Jan. 10 in Chicago. As always, he was articulate and vivacious as he spoke to a huge audience about his legacy. Inspired by his liberal base, as he briefly mentioned the upcoming peaceful transfer of power Jan. 20, an enthusiastic audience chanted, “Four more years …”

“You were the change,” Obama said. “America is a better, stronger place than when we started.” He then focused on the state of our democracy.

Obama has been what I would call an elusive president. Nobody really knows who he is. He has always been an outstanding speaker and based his campaign on “hope and change.” But after eight miserable years of his policies, I think fear, as opposed to hope, is more appropriate in describing how the majority of Americans feel about his presidency.

We now have a nation terribly divided on the direction of this country. I didn’t vote for Obama in either election because I’ve always seen him as anti-American. Like Bernie Sanders in this election, who was pushing socialism, if Obama’s goal was to transform America into a socialist country in 2008, why didn’t he just campaign on that ideology?

It’s evident with the 2016 election that we’ve reached a turning point in this country and that we have to get back to reality. It’s why president-elect Donald Trump was overwhelmingly elected Nov. 8.

Obama said Chicago is where he started his political career years ago, but people wonder why has he completely ignored the gang violence, drug problems and deaths resulting from these issues? He could have done so much in this country for race relations, but instead he did nothing. Was it incompetence or deliberate?

From Obama’s first day in office, a variety of political experts, including members of Congress, have questioned most of Obama’s policies. Now he’s concerned with his legacy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes down in history as one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had.

With Obama’s left-wing liberal mindset, I believe he lives in his imaginary dream world of what our country should be. But, it doesn’t fit America or its people. His beliefs may have resulted from a dysfunctional childhood and teenage years, who knows? But, I recall when the Fort Hood shooting happened around 2009, Obama called it “workplace violence” instead of radical Islamic terrorism. From then on, he has continued to deny reality and become more arrogant and narcissistic in his attempts to be a wannabe dictator, resulting in executive orders to get his way and ignoring Congress.

Not only has Obama continued to distort reality with his policies, but his attitude has provoked so much hateful ideology from the far left that anyone who disagrees with him is labeled a racist or bigot, or some other derogatory term. The biased news media has promoted this left-wing nonsense.

Obama’s presidency has led to a nation that has deteriorated: We’re $20 trillion in debt. We have open borders, where illegals can receive benefits, ripping off hard-working American taxpayers. He ignores sanctuary cities, where criminals get protection. His administration has burdened businesses with an overabundance of federal regulations and ISIS is not going away anytime soon.

Furthermore, Obama deceived the American people about Obamacare. Not a single Democrat voted against it. Not a single Republican voted for it because they realized that it is unsustainable financially. Americans were probably desperate for health care and that’s why they re-elected Obama in 2012, but it was a huge mistake. Now, deductibles are too high, people are losing their doctors and it’s becoming unaffordable. The lack of care our veterans have received over the past few years is disgraceful. Yet, Obama doesn’t seem to care.

So, with Trump’s triumphant election, the majority of Americans believe our country is definitely not stronger or doing better than before Obama took office. He and his followers seemed confident that Hillary Clinton would automatically win the presidency, but it was just a reflection of a mindset that doesn’t work for America. They still can’t accept the fact that people are sick of political correctness, a Congress that’s hamstrung and an elusive president who tried to change America into something it’s not.

I hope this hatemongering from disenchanted liberals stops and that people support Trump. He represents reality and I’m certain he will improve our country by upholding our laws and getting people back to work. He’s smart, a true leader and seems to be a skillful negotiator. Best of all, he’s for America and will stand up for us hard-working taxpayers.

It may not be easy, but we must get back to enforcing our laws and getting our Congress to compromise if we’re going to be a strong and powerful nation, as we once were.