GoPass works for student without wheels

As an international student, I have the chance to experience a lot of “ first times.” I came from a big city in Brazil where I could go anywhere without depending on a car. I had the option to use the bus, metro, or train and I could make it across the large city in less than an hour. It was easy and practical for me.

When I moved to Dallas, a big city, I expected to similarly have no problem with public transportation. It was disappointing to get here and found out that from my residence to Richland College would take me one hour and 30 minutes using public transportation. By car, it would take 20 minutes with no traffic.

For many reasons, I don’t drive. To be more independent in this city I had to try to use public transportation, even if that meant taking two buses, a train and two hours time.

Thankfully, DCCCD is now offering the DART Student GoPass. I was eligible and had everything set up and ready to go. I just needed courage. People with cars use GPS to get around. I use the app Moovit. You input where you want to go and it gives you different options and times to get there. It follows the transaction to keep you posted about any problem on the route. When your bus or train is close, it keeps following you and keeps you posted about any problem on the route.

It took me two buses and one train to get to Richland College. All I needed to do was show my student GoPass to the driver using the app and take a seat. It was an easy enjoyable experience and really easy.

Now I have until June to enjoy my DART Student GoPass. Now I can travel thousands of miles, learn how to be more independent and be able to go everywhere.