Finding info on the new and improved DCCCD App

Students at Richland College can find a great wealth of information about the campus using the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) app. It’s available for download in the iPhone app store and on Google Play.

Once downloaded, users can explore a menu with six options that include “Start Here,” “Getting Around,” “Online Services,” “Student Information,” “News & Events” and “Call Police.”

The “Start Here” option offers access to the academic calendar with information about important dates of the semester and information about applying for admission to the DCCCD. Under the “Programs” option, users can bring up the fields of study available. “Catalog” brings up the student handbook. The “View Courses” option is an excellent way to check out the available courses Richland has to offer in the classroom and online. “Register” provides users with in-depth information about registering for classes and includes a link to contact the school directly.

The next menu is “Getting Around,” which gives users access to the main campus map at Richland, as well as the Garland campus. From this menu, there is also a direct link to the Richland website.

“Online Services” offers access to a number of essential tools, including the eCampus App (also available in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play) which gives users access to online services and DCCCD email. Users can also access the library catalog which shows all of the available books and digital resources on all seven DCCCD campuses. Other tools include myPortal, OneDrive and OneNote.

The “Student Information” tool is an all-access pass to every service available to you at Richland. These include academics, student life, student services, specialized services and taking courses. The “News & Events” feature gives users access to information about special events on campus. And finally, the Richland campus panic button to call the police.

The app can also pick up the nearest campus based on your location and adapt to distribute information from other campuses.