SGA makes a big difference

With all the buzz about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the direction of the U.S. government, you probably have not heard about Richland College’s very own Student Government Association (S.G.A.). They have an upcoming “in-house” election and would like your participation.

Zion Nmoka, S.G.A. vice president, referred to the organization as “The voice of the students.” You may not be aware, but the S.G.A. has taken steps to make several improvements on campus. For example, the S.G.A helped to improve lighting in the parking lots, provided complimentary cell phone charging terminals and created more jobs for students inside campus facilities (Subway, the Campus Book Store and coffee shop). They even managed to get Richland students a 15% textbook discount.”

When asked what the Student Government Association’s focus was for this year, Zion said “Recruitment is a big priority right now. We’d like to see more student involvement.”

The S.G.A. plans to speak to students and encourage them to join the organization at the upcoming Club Fair they also help organize. All Richland students are eligible to participate. Stop by their table to find out more about the organization.