Adult Education shows students the way

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. As the old saying goes, we never stop learning and learning never stops. The Richland College Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) program proves this over and over as people progress through the program and take a step toward better education and careers.

Available classes include Adult Basic Education, Workforce Preparation, Access to College, Access to Career Pathways in Business Office Support, Health, Computer Information Technology and Manufacturing/Welding.

According to Program Coordinator, Fillis Hughes, “The AEL program is meant to improve the participant in their math, reading and writing skills so that they will be better prepared for their GED, to take college level courses, or even prepare them for a dynamic occupation through the Career Pathways program.”

The program is designed to strengthen every participant through the help of both instructors and technologies.

Resources for learning are available for students who want to learn in an environment conducive to their studies.

This program, through the help of many instructors and the Texas Workforce Commission and other entities, has become a powerful tool for those struggling with learning differences.

“I read and understand certain information, journals, memos, instructions, brochures and other documents at my work place as the result of my enrollment in the AEL program,” said Wilanjo Amisi, an AEL graduate. 

Some people feel inferior to others due to their level of academic achievement. The AEL program can build confidence and help them become more productive members of participants.

The program is free for those who qualify. For more information about AEL services call: 972-761-6803.