Art meets science in exhibit

Richland is exhibiting works by local artist Du Chau in the Brazos Gallery through September 16.  The exhibition is open to the public during campus hours.

Du was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States in 1981. Equipped with a master’s degree in fine art, he says being an artist is a passion rather than a profession. He’s a full-time pathology technical coordinator at Methodist Hospital of Dallas, as well as a professor at Brookhaven College in northwest Dallas County. 

“My master’s degree in fine arts actually made me a better scientist,” Du said.

At a reception Wednesday in the Brazos Gallery, Du explained how experimenting with different kinds of materials inspired him to constantly search for better solutions as a scientist.

Du said asking the most ridiculous questions is the first step in creating something innovative and fresh. 

“Like an experiment, things happen. Magic can happen. That’s how we figure things out.”

Du doesn’t cite historical art figures like Picasso or Michelangelo as influences because he believes everyone is somewhat artistically inclined. 

“All of us are artists whether we like it or not. We select the clothes we like to wear. We pick the food and how we arrange the table,” he said.

The exhibition took Du and partners a month to put together. Many of the works had to be precisely drilled and inserted into the walls in order to reflect the three-dimensional experience. The gallery is filled completely with works of emotional and spiritual significance to Du’s personal life. In particular he appreciates an outward facing, tree-like structure that is made of porcelain and mounted on a wall because it’s interactive.


As an inventive man, Du said he hopes to continue pushing boundaries and creating pieces of art that can be used to perform a musical act.