Getting ready for college: Mom’s the word

I enjoyed my summer vacation in Jordan where I participated in some charity work and celebrated my cousin’s wedding as well as enjoyed the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid festival. Now, along with the rest of the students, I’m getting ready for school.

What is making it special and exciting this semester is that my mother, Nawal Al Banna,  is registered with me in two classes I’m taking. Ever since I left Jordan and returned to college in Dallas, my mom has been patiently waiting for me to discuss our class schedule and to get books and supplies. She’s excited and even more ready than I am. When she was buying school supplies for my younger sister, she was looking for supplies for herself, such as a binder, pencils and files. 

Since we are taking college courses together this semester, English and American history, we have to make sure we are getting all the books for the classes. I showed her how to find Sabine Hall, to go to the bookstore if she needed something, as well as the areas where she can study. I took her to the library where she can focus more and look for resources when needed. 

Other places such as going to the advisers in Thunderduck Hall and the police department in case of emergency are also important for a freshman student. I also showed her the Multicultural Center where she can join clubs with me.

Attending classes with my mom will bring us much closer. Not only will we be Richland buddies, but also she’s my study partner and hopefully will be my partner whenever we have group study or a project.

I’m very proud of my mom for completing her education and showing there’s no stopping point in education no matter how many kids you have or how old you are.

My mom and I are going to put so much effort into this semester.