I couldn’t wait to get home for summer vacation, but boy did I have to

AMMAN, Jordan -- It was long, frustrating journey, but I finally arrived in Jordan, my home country.

After working hard in college and passing classes with good grades, summer finally came. Like many of the international students at Richland College, I’m visiting my country this summer.

Being here is a big deal for me, not only because it’s my first visit since I came to Dallas, but also because I had to make sure I brought everything I needed to be here.  

This was the second time I’ve traveled.  I found out the hard way there are sometimes complications related to foreign travel. My sisters were with me. I wasn’t worried about getting lost.

Jordan is 15 hours away from Dallas, but for us it took three days to arrive.

The trip began to be a bumpy ride as soon as we got the airport. When my sisters and I boarded the airplane around noon, it started to rain hard.  That led to delays because it was impossible for the pilot to take off. The pilot had to turn off the engine because we were burning too much fuel.  It got very hot quickly. Everyone started complaining, so the pilot allowed us leave the plane to get something to eat.   After waiting patiently for five hours, the weather had cleared enough for plane to take off.

The next stop was Canada. We arrived in Toronto at midnight.  Because of the delay in Dallas all of our tickets had to be changed. There weren’t any available flights from Canada to Frankfurt, Germany at the time we arrived so we had to wait for the next flight to Frankfurt, but that was the next day. Although we were frustrated and tired, the company had already booked a room for us at a hotel that was close to the airport.  Breakfast and lunch were included.

That was my favorite part of the trip because we got to visit Canada for free.  My sisters and I decided to wake up early, eat breakfast and explore Toronto, even though it was only for a couple of hours.

After moving around the beautiful city and enjoying the nice weather, we went back to the hotel and ate lunch. A bus took us back to the airport and we got ready for our next stop which was Frankfurt.

It took us around seven hours and 30 minutes to arrive there and when we did, we ate dinner, watched movies and slept for couple of hours. As we arrived at Frankfurt’s airport, we had to wait seven hours for the next plane, which took us to Jordan.

In Frankfurt, we started moving around the airport terminals to pass the time. When it was time for takeoff, we went to the gate for our boarding passes since the airline agents in Canada told us we would be receiving our boarding passes for Jordan there. The agents told us that we weren’t booked for the 3 p.m. flight, but for a later one. We were ready and didn’t want to wait any longer at the airport.  After several calls to the airline, we were able to take off at 3 p.m.  

We finally arrived at Amman, Jordan. We were frustrated because we couldn’t wait until we left the airport, but our day did not go well.  Our bags got lost, so we had to track them down.  We found out later that they were mistakenly placed on another flight. The agents told us they would drop them off the next day.

Once I left the airport and saw my dad, I was so happy that I started crying in my father’s arms. When I got to our house, everything was the same as I’d left it. The smell and the weather of my country never changed. My family happily greeted me, and so did my neighbors. I wanted to eat everything as soon as I arrived:  falafel, hummus and shawarma.

I couldn’t believe I was finally home, but after so many family gatherings and living in our crowded family home, the whole adventure was quite an emotional experience for me.

Now, I’m ready for the summer!