Tying the Knot on Success

The Male Achievement Program hosted its free necktie days at Richland College. The event to teach men (and women) how to tie a necktie took place Nov. 21 to 23. Coordinator Gabe Randle aims to bring awareness to the program. “We’re doing a relaunch today to get folks back involved; let them know that the program is back on campus.” The goal is to increase retention and improve college completion of male and minority students. They also aim to help participants develop leadership skills as well as achieve their individual, career and academic goals.

“The purpose is that ties are a really empowering tool. It gives them a sense of dressing up,” Randle says enthusiastically. “These are very powerful things that they need to know how to do,” he adds.

There were ties of different colors and patterns to choose from; solids, stripes even paisley. At the event, Randle and other members demonstrated how to properly tie a necktie. Participants were able to select and keep the tie for free.

Ciera Garcia, a pre-med major, was one of the students who attended the event. “This is very fashion forward and I like it,” she said with a smile. She added that she wanted to learn how to tie her husband’s necktie sometime in the future.

Those interested in the Male Achievement Program can visit Gabe Randle’s office in El Paso Hall, Room E082B inside the LakeSide Resource Center.