MSI convenes to impact academic success

Richland College has minority success in mind. The Minority Serving Institution Convening, “Minority Student Success: Using Data to Effect Change,” was held at Richland Oct. 14 and 15. 

Higher education administrators gathered to discuss collecting and analyzing quantitative data, evidence-based program development and research methods, best practices and innovations to impact the academic success of minority student populations. 

“Richland College’s inaugural MSI Convening engaged key leaders and practitioners from 61 U.S. Department of Education Minority Serving-designated colleges and universities from throughout the nation to advance a shared narrative aimed at achieving greater minority student success through effective use of data,” said Dr. Kay Eggleston, Richland College president. 

“Richland College’s pivotal, multiyear convening lead college role will help shape future advances toward greater minority student equity and success.

The conference focused on the use of existing research to evaluate minority-serving programs and find more vigorous strategies to evaluate the accomplishments of minority serving programs. 

With improved methodology administrators can introduce new programs, pursue fundraising and bring positive change to their respective institutions. 

Presenters at the event included Mark Mitsui, former deputy assistant secretary for community colleges at the U.S. Department of Education and current Portland Community College president Robert Teranishi, Ph.D., a UCLA professor of social science and comparative education. Teranishi was recently appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the board of directors of the National Board for Education Services.

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