'Certain Women' shows strength

“Certain Women” tells the story of a group of women in Montana who are concerned about the problems in their lives.

 A lawyer (Laura Dern, “Jurrasic Park”) is dealing with her client (Jared Harris), the cases and files.  A brick collector (Michelle Williams, “Brokeback Montain”) and her husband (James Le Gros) want to gather bricks and stones from an elderly resident to build their house from the ground up. 

Then there’s a horse farmer (Lily Gladstone) who’s tending to horses and eventually goes to night school to study education law, despite having no interest. 

Finally, there is the law instructor (Kristen Stewart, “Twilight” series), who lives in Livingston, several hours from her home. She begins teaching law education after the instructor quits due to too many long round trips from home to school and back. 

The film talks about how women deal with these problems. Some scenes are intercut with another female character to show what is going on and how life gets better for the charactersas they solve their problems and keep anything bad from happening.
 The screenplay was good. Some of the scenes are funnier than others, but Kelly Reichardt’s directing was awful.
Overall, it was good and had a lot of emotional scenes and good storytelling.  

The reason I wanted to see this film was to experience the human condition: women living with good and bad reputations and the film’s emphasis on what makes them stronger.