RLC: Green is the way to go

Do you ever stop and ask yourself why Richland College is such a clean place? Part of the reason is the dedicated work of the janitors and custodians.  The other part is contributed by the Student Green Team, a newly formed organization with four strategic goals: the conservation of energy and resources, minimizing waste, educating others about sustainability and engaging the local, regional and national community on sustainability efforts.

Stephanie Mathews, president of the Student Green Team, said, “We evolved after the lake cleanup project, which the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society held last year in the fall.  My involvement with the green projects in school, including the campus lake cleanup project and Arbor Day, where we planted trees around the campus, gave me the opportunity to lead the Student Green Team.  I was elected as a president in summer 2016. The sustainability department and I put together the plants and events for the coming semesters.”

There are a number of programs for those who are looking to become the lush, green minds of tomorrow, including renewable/sustainable energy, construction technology and construction management. Green scholarships are available as well. These can be found on the Dallas County Community College District website, www.dcccd.edu.

Those interested in sustainable living can participate in service learning projects, located in Medina Hall, Room M206. Time sheets will be distributed by John Daniels, the coordinator of instructional labs.

According to Mathews, “If you accumulate about 100 to 150 hours within a year, Daniels will send that list to the White House.”  This will result in receiving the president’s award for community service, along with a letter.

Mathews encouraged people to join the Student Green Team.

“The green projects mean a lot to me. I believe in preserving the earth, recycling, and that we can be role models and leaders. We can create awareness and guide our friends, family, and community to teach them what we know by contributing to recycling, conserving energy and so on,” Matthews said. “Always, always, always think green and no matter how small it is, do what you can for the environment,” she added.