Chicago series take over the night

Talk about awesome.  I am referring to the Chicago block of Dick Wolf-produced shows on NBC.

On Tuesday nights is Chicago Fire, which glimpses into the lives of various denizens who occupy a station house in the Windy City.

Shift to Wednesday night when one of the coolest cops on the block, Jason Beghe’s rugged and tough persona of Hank Voight occupies the screen.

Then Thursday, we go to the hospital run by Oliver Platt’s Dr. Daniel Charles.

The cool thing about this series is the interaction and crossover tales galore.  

One of the characters from “Chicago Fire” (Christian Stolte’s Randall McHolland is actually married to Amy Morton’s Trudy Platta high ranking officer at District 21 of the police department.  

Also involved in the crossover storyline is Jon Seda’s cop Antonio Dawson, whose cousin Gabriela Dawson is his first cousin who works for Chicago Fire as well.

Also, coming soon is another chapter in the Chicago storyline with “Chicago Justice,” another entry into producer Dick Wolf’s arsenal.

Earlier in the 2017 calendar year a couple of episodes aired with Carl Weathers (“Rocky”), but I think in the following months they will add more stories and character archs.  

Now the problem is people across the land are not watching commercial television.  I think people should take time out of their busy lives and at least DVR these amazing shows.  I give all of them a grade of A or higher.