Richland College hosts first student town hall meeting

Students in journalism, government and members of Student Media and the Black Students Association participated in Richland’s first Student Town Hall meeting. The event gave student panelists the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on election issues. The event was held Oct. 27 in the ChronicleTV television studio. Twenty-three students, faculty and staff members participated.

The production was moderated by Erica Edwards, lead faculty and coordinator for journalism and student media, and Patrick Moore, government learning enrichment and academic development professor here at Richland. During the one-hour program, the seven student panelists discussed immigration, economy, and race relations.

The program was directed by Jack Fletcher, audio and video coordinator, and produced by Meg Fullwood, lab coordinator of journalism and student media.

The person behind the idea for the production was Meg Fullwood. “I was listening to political coverage on the radio about ‘what millennials want’ this election season and realized we weren’t hearing anything from the millennials,” said Fullwood, “I read a study by Pew Research that said one third of the electorate this year was between the ages of 18 and 35 and knew it was time to do a town hall meeting with our students.”  Fullwood said the production was a success. “The students did a great job in front of and behind the camera,” said Fullwood. “Even when the conversation got heated, it didn’t get personal. That gives me hope for the future.” 

If you want to listen to the full podcast of the town hall meeting visit