“Ouija: Origin of Evil,” fearful delight

If you’re looking for a decent scary movie with thriller scenes, then “Ouija: Origin of Evil” just might be for you. 

“Ouija” involves four characters: the mother, Alice Zander (Elizabeth Rease, “The Twilight Saga”), the older sister, Lina Zander (Annalise Basso, “Oculus”), the younger sister Doris Zander, (Lulu Wilson, ‘The Millers’), and the priest, Father Tom Hogan, (Henry Thomas, “Gangs of New York”). 

The mother is a widow who struggles to make ends meet. She tricks clients into believing she can communicate with spirits. She devises a few tricks and, with a little help from her daughters, pulls off the scam. She tries to convince herself and her daughter that she is helping people get closure with their loved ones who have died. 

Later on, the oldest daughter, Lina, sneaks off to her friend’s house and discovers the Ouija board. Curious about the game, she convinces everybody to play it. 

They are caught by the friend’s mother and Lina gets in trouble. Later, she suggests to her own mother that she use the Ouija board as a prop in their scheme.

Alice introduces the Ouija board to her clients and begins using it to conjure the dead. 

Doris uses the Ouija board to communicate with her dead father. The youngest daughter becomes possessed and misinterprets the demon as her father. Lina worries about Doris and gives a letter Doris wrote to a priest. 

Father Tom Hogan does research and discovers Doris has written the letter in Polish. He calls the Vatican for permission to conduct an exorcism, then goes to visit the family. 

At the house, Hogan tricks Doris into believing that the demon is not her father but an evil entity who has lived in the house for a long time. There is a twist in the end, but I won’t spoil it for you.

This movie was an “OK” scary movie with some unexpected twists. The portrayal of the demon is very frightening. It’s disturbing when the evil spirit takes over Doris’s body. 

Two things that displeased me were the fact that it took too long for the storyline to develop and the scenes of Doris’s body possession, which were very frightening. 

Overall, I enjoyed the acting and the soundtrack was great. I enjoyed an old jazz songs from the early 1900s that played during the suspenseful scenes. 

I recommend the movie, “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” for those who like a suspenseful good time. It wasn’t over the top, but it got the job done.