Donald Trump: Change is on the way

There’s no doubt the 2016 election kept many Americans awake late into the night of Nov. 8. The presidential race wasn’t called until the wee hours of Nov. 9 and many states were still counting votes until later that morning. The end result: Donald Trump was named president of the United States after winning the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

The following nights, protesters marched in the streets in cities across the country with shouts of “Not my president.” According to Fox News, this was “left-wing liberal intolerance forced upon the conservatives by President Obama and his corrupt administration.” Hate mongering like this had not been seen since 2000 when George W. Bush won the Electoral College vote and Al Gore won the popular vote. 

Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington, D.C. I believe he won the election because the American people, particularly the hard-working middle class, are disgusted with the direction of the country. The conservatives who elected him took a stand against the federal government that, in my opinion, works against the American people.

The hatred that fueled both sides during the year-and-a-half campaign reached a boiling point with the presidential election. Now the #NeverTrump protesters are upset. They should just face reality. While their views are protected by the Constitution, the Electoral College also is the law of the land concerning national elections.

Trump is a billionaire businessman, and although he has no governmental experience per se, I feel his background in successfully running that business is appropriate to running the country and stimulating the economy. This is more important to me right now than the social issues that topped the Democratic agenda.

Clinton has been the focus of an FBI investigation regarding email from a private server that was hacked and then published on Wikileaks. The FBI twice determined the information found was not prosecutable. According to the FBI press room, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”  I am still not convinced.

In my opinion, Clinton tried to deceive the American people. The investigation into her handling of Benghazi continues to be a point of controversy. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others died during the attack while she was secretary of State. In my opinion, that amounted to negligence. 

Trump and Clinton clashed throughout the long campaign. Trump campaigned on closing the borders, citing fear an insurgence of drug traffickers and ISIS gaining entrance into the country. Clinton wanted to open the borders and help illegal immigrants get citizenship. I think this endangers all of us. The candidates also clashed on the issue of abortion. Trump is opposed to abortion while Clinton is in favor of even late-term abortions. On the issue of Obamacare, Trump wants to repeal and replace it while Clinton wanted to work on improving it.

Trump is opposed to political correctness. So am I. I think it is nonsense and an attack on my right to free speech and religious liberties. 

Our country used to be a proud, patriotic nation before Obama was elected. Now we can’t even sing the national anthem or pray before a sports game without offending someone. When Trump takes over, I believe we will see our nation thrive. He’s a smart, strong leader who will be able to negotiate with all types of people. With a new Cabinet and the House and Senate solidly in Republican control, he should be able to work with Congress. Conservatives are sick of Obama trying to run the country through executive orders. I will be relieved to have Trump as our president.

I hope everyone gives Trump a chance. I think our country will improve in a couple of years. By the third year, the next presidential election cycle will begin again. If the country hasn’t improved, we’ll elect someone new.  But I think after the latest struggle to elect a new president, we just might be pleasantly surprised.