Missing items

If you happen to misplace an item, such as your keys, jump drive, cellphone or evena book, would you know where to find it?

The answer is at the lost and found, located at the campus police office in Pecos Hall. 

According to Richland Police Lt. Melissa Jacobs, who oversees the lost and found, at the end of last year, 60 cellphones have been found on campus. She has some information on what to do if you lose an item. 

“If it is returned to lost and found, it is logged into a book and we have a lost and found room that is kept locked in the Police Department,” Jacobs said. “We do it by month and by date so that way, it’s easy to find if they [students] come to look for it [a lost item].” 

If there is no name or identification on a lost item, Jacobs said whoever comes to claim something must describe it in detail. The police also list all items in a book at the front desk.

If they’re looking for a cellphone, for example, Jacobs said she would ask what color the phone or case was or if there was a specific picture on the front of the phone when you hit the screen.  

Technically, Jacobs said, items are kept 90 days, but they get moved out of the lost and found room after 60 days. After that, most are donated and some are thrown away. 

“We partnered with the Genesis Women’s Shelter,” she said. “We only keep clothes for two months. We get too many and it’s not too sanitary to keep them piled up in there.”

Jacobs also said they don’t take food, drink, medicine or any type of hazardous material, which could be anything. 

Drugs, however, don’t end up at the lost and found, Jacobs said.  

“It goes into safe keeping in the evidence room,” Jacobs said. “It will get destroyed eventually. 

However, Jacobs said, if someone dropped their medicine and it has their name on it, it can be returned if they bring their ID and come get it.

As of Oct. 5, Jacobs said about 80 items are in the lost and found, which is about three months’ worth. 

“In the summer, we don’t get very much at the lost and found,” she said. “All of the stuff that goes to Genesis, I just put in boxes and deliver it to them.” 

During October, November and December, Jacobs said, there will be hundreds of lost items. 

“The most common things that are lost are keys, wallets and cellphones,” Jacobs said. “We take money to the cash office and we get a receipt. If somebody comes and claims that particular item or the money, they take the receipt back to the cash office and they give them their money. They would have to describe what they had and what was in it.”

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