OPINION: Election 2016 Millennial Viewpoint

I turned 18 about two years ago so this is going to be my first presidential election to vote in. To be honest, it hasn't made a great first impression of how the political process is supposed to work.

The lack of etiquette and decency is upsetting for young people who are now reluctant to take part in the future of our country. Playing on people’s prejudices, refusing to accept election results and displaying comfort in big money campaign contributions will continue to divide the country.

After this election both parties need to take a step back and ask themselves, "Are we in touch with the American people? Are we talking about the issues facing our people or trying to get them to pick sides?"

The United States has worked best with a healthy two-party system that can reason and work together. Personally, I've already voted for Hillary Clinton because she came prepared for the debates with answers about the economy, foreign policy, education, security and the environment.

Neither candidate was my first choice but democracy requires compromise. If I don't vote, I'm not doing my job. Nothing reinforces the stereotype that millennials are the "entitlement generation" more than taking the right to vote for granted.

Young people are not the problem. They are the solution. We have a chance to take a stand in this election about the direction we want the country to go in. If we play our part by being informed and engaged, I'm optimistic the old way of politics will break down and America’s best days will include our futures.