OPINION: Election 2016 Boomer Viewpoint

Donald Trump is the best choice for president if we want someone who will promote economic growth and uphold our constitutional rights. I believe he’s in touch with the American people. When Barack Obama was elected, he said he’d “transform America,” but since then liberal intolerance and political correctness is only bringing down our country.

This division is evident in the blatantly biased news media that continues to poison the minds of voters against Trump. The New York Times, the Washington Post and others have taken a stand against him, as well as the Dallas Morning News. Millions of American citizens chose Trump in the caucuses and primaries and this anti-Trump bias shows a complete lack of respect for the will of the people.

Trump’s background is the best reason to vote for him. When he says he’ll create jobs, it’s believable because he’s actually done it himself. Last week, he opened the Trump International Hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion near the White House, yet the press criticized him for not campaigning that day. Trump favors the working class and will put people back to work.

Another trait I really like about Trump is, he’s a true leader. Trump may be a billionaire, but he’s not part of the corrupt Washington establishment, like Clinton, yet he’s well aware of how it works. That’s an asset.

 Trump and Clinton differ on the appointment of Supreme Court justices. I believe Trump will appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court who will abide by literal interpretation of the Constitution, not liberal ideology. Clinton, on the other hand, will likely appoint activist judges, creating more attacks on our freedom of speech, religious liberties and our right to bear arms.

Trump will close our borders to illegal immigrants, putting our country’s safety first, whereas Clinton wants open trade and borders. These people be drug dealers, criminals or have a connection to ISIS. If they get benefits, it’s a rip off to hard-working taxpayers – when we’re already $20 trillion in debt. When Trump says he’s going to “Make America Great Again,” it’s believable. He’ll stand up for America and that’s what really counts.