Howdy Homemade: Love at First Bite

This is an inspiring story about two loves, one for food and the other for people. Howdy Homemade has been putting people first for nearly two decades, according to their website. Their mission is to “see and realize the potential of everyone.”

Gene Stallings’ book “Another Season, was the source of their inspiration. The message in the book is that any person, no matter the obstacles, can make a difference in this world. Tom Landis and Manuel Ramirez are the driving forces behind this tasty ice cream shop. They work with multiple organizations to hire, train and employ adults with special needs. According to their website, http://www.howdy/, over 240,000 adults with special needs in North Texas are looking for work. This year, the company made an appearance at the State Fair of Texas. The weather was nice and warm for them to serve their famous Dr Pepper ice cream. Landis and staff were on hand to accommodate the crowds that visited their booth.

“The idea of the business kind of popped out, that it’s really not about food. The whole concept is around a group of people who have really been overlooked,” Landis said.

His staff is warm, accommodating. That leaves a lasting heart-felt impression on customers. Employee Coleman Jones said, “I like it a lot because it gives me a chance to work with people with special needs.”

Christine Howitt (with Dr Pepper ice cream in hand) said, “It’s great that some people with special needs are working.” She added that the ice cream is “fantastic.”