‘Ready Player One’ – The perfect escape

Vincent Leal
Staff writer


Image courtesy themindreels.com

In Ernest Cline’s first novel, “Ready Player One,” the year is 2044. A young boy named Wade Watts lives in a desolate, ugly reality. Wade’s only escape from the “real world” is through a virtual utopian world called OASIS.

In this virtual reality, everything is perfect. Anyone can build or have anything they desire. Wade dedicates all of his time unlocking different puzzles that are part of a contest. Whoever unlocks all of the puzzles in the game is promised great fame and fortune.

Wade soon discovers, however, that there are players who would do anything virtually and in real life just to win the game, such as killing off other players. If Wade wants to survive from this detrimental virus, he’ll have to win the game and face head-on the world he has been so desperately trying to escape this whole time.

In this novel, Cline introduces a new and more “virtual” approach to readers. As most critics call it a combination between “The Matrix” and “Willy Wonka.”

“Ready Player One” is chock-full of 1980s pop culture references with an amazing story that will keep you reading for hours.