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Contact Information
El Paso Hall, Room E-020, 12800 Abrams Rd. Dallas 75243

Newsroom: 972-238-6079
E-mail: richlandchronicle@gmail.com

Advertising: 972-238-6068
Fax: 972-238-6037
E-mail: advertise@dcccd.edu

Editorial Policy
The Chronicle is the official student-produced newspaper of Richland College. Editorials, cartoons, columns and letters are the opinions of individual students and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other individual student writers, editors, advisers or the college administration.

Letter Policy
Letters to the editor may be edited for space. They will be edited for spacing, grammar and malicious or libelous statements. Letters must be the work of the writer and must be signed. For identification and verification purposes, letters also must include the writer’s classification (grade level), full name, address and telephone number, although address and telephone number will not be published.

Staff Meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in El Paso Hall E-020.

Remaining Publication Dates For the FALL 2018 Semester

  • September 25

  • October 2

  • October 9

  • October 16

  • October 23

  • November 6

  • November 13

  • November 20

  • December 4

  • December 11

Student Media Leaders
Editor-in-Chief - Aly Rodrigues
Managing Editor - Kammonke Obase-Wotta
Copy Editor – Joyce Jackson
Entertainment Editor – Ricky Miller
Layout Editor - Dara Jones
Photo Editor - Emily Escamilla

Student Media Staff

David Acosta
Adrienne Aguilar
Kaelyn Bradley
Jon Brinkley
Thomas Cabrera
Drew Castillo
Jasmine Chatman
Ryan Duff
Kene Enemo
Chloie Lewis
Mirco Daniel Mbega Ndoumou
Gerardo Magana
Lashanda McCuin
Everett Newson
Kobloh-Obase Kammonke
Muyideen Ogunbunmi
Jorge Perez
Kim Sanders
Mike Sokolski
Brea Scott
Pete Shannon
Nathan Terry

Student Media Advisers
Erica Edwards
Jack Fletcher
Tim Jones
Meg Fullwood
Larry Ratliff

ACP Newspaper Pacemaker Winner, 2016
CMA Two-Year Radio Station of the Year 2015
ACP Best of Show Award 2015
ACP Photo Excellence Award 2015
CMA Newspaper of the Year Finalist, 2014
1st Place – TCCJA Overall General Excellence, 2014
2nd Place – Pinnacle College Media Award, 2014
1st Place – TIPA Sweepstakes, 2005
3rd Place – TIPA Online, 2005 & 2006
ACP Pacemaker Winner, 2000, 2001, 2007
ACP Pacemaker Finalist, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007
CP Online Pacemaker finalist, 2007, 2008

Nearly 300 Texas college journalism awards since 2000